Two Crones: Flasks and Fanceys

The Beadswoman, Judith of Judith's Joy displays her wares at Canterbury Ren Faire in Silverton Oregon.

Judith's hand beaded bracelets are made from semi precious gem stones and hand cast pewter or brass Celtic beads. She has earrings to match each bracelet design. She also makes chaplets which are a one decade rosary. She tells how during the Reformation the Catholic Irish would have to hide their church affliation. By wearing the chaplet, they could say the rosary whenever without discrimination.

The Pottery Crone, Cindy, with a Pilgrim Flask display

The Pottery Crone makes Pilgrim Flasks. They are stoneware fired with images from stamps that she has carved herself.
Cindy works at the Willamette Art Center which  is located on the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem. The Willamette Art Center is Salem's only community pottery and glass studio. They offer classes in pottery for all ages and feature Family Clay Sunday. The Glass Blwing classes are reserved for students 16 years and older